Edinburgh Festival in Scotland’s Capital City

Military Tattoo based on the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade at night allows the lighting to show up the national dress of the visiting acts. Finishing with the lone Piper on the Castle.

The best walk for visitors on a short visit is to take in the views from the Castle Entrance and then walk down the Royal Mile to Holyrood Palace at the bottom. Nearly every entrance has some Historical background, indicated by the name plates.

On the first Sunday the Pipe Bands march along Princess Street and show how far around the world the Scots have settled.

The Opera is popular and attracts full houses, an opportunity to try out new Opera’s before taking them to London or New York.

Film Festival apart form a good mix of budget films, there are classes on different aspects of film making and raising funds. French silent movies and the use of mime will make the film goers grabbing of the movements to understand the message and to put them together to follow the film.

Music, Plays and Comedy Acts are all Fringe shows that end up in every possible hall around the City, with Universities, School Halls, Pubs and Church Halls being used. Some are outside in the Parks or on the Pavements. The recent move to go mobile asks a lot of the people to view a smaller stage (i.e. inside a camper van).

The main attraction at the Book Festival is to hear Authors speak or explain their ideas that led to writing their books.